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PTE Overview

One of the most popular English language exams taken around the world is the PTE Exam. PTE is an abbreviation for Pearson Test of English. Candidates from all around the world take the computer-based test since foreign colleges utilize it as a criterion for admission. The PTE is used for immigration in nations like Australia. For the purpose of preparing and evaluating students for living and studying in English-speaking nations, the test concentrates on the language's everyday usage.

Types of PTE Tests

  • Speaking exam syllabus for the PTE
  • Writing test syllabus for PTE
  • Reading test syllabus for PTE
  • PTE Listening Test Syllabus

PTE Preparation Classes available

PTE Preparation Class is available in Vista International Consultancy. For more details please contact us or visit us. 

Introduction To PTE

An English language proficiency test called PTE (Pearson Test of English) is utilized as a qualification standard for the admissions procedure at institutions all over the world. The PTE comes in two different forms: the Academic PTE Test and the General PTE Test. For the Australian Immigration process, many applicants also take the PTE exam.

The scoring procedures and outcomes are what set the PTE apart from other English language proficiency exams. PTE announces the results in a lot less time than its close rivals, IELTS and TOEFL. The PTE examinations use computerized scoring, which produces answers that are significantly more precise and timely than those from other tests. As a result, students who are pressed for time favor the PTE exam.

PTE Preparation Centre


PTE Syllabus

The following is covered on the PTE syllabus:

  • Speaking exam syllabus for the PTE
  • Writing test syllabus for PTE
  • Reading test syllabus for PTE
  • PTE Listening Test Syllabus


vista syllabus

Three primary sections make up the PTE exam framework. They comprise listening, reading, and speaking portions. You receive an individual score for each segment of the PTE exam in addition to a total score.

PTE Listening Pattern 

One must pay close attention to the audio or video clip in the Listening part because it will only be played once. It will automatically play the videos. The control bar on the screen allows the candidate to change the volume of the video segments.

PTE Reading Pattern 

For the PTE, the reading portion lasts for about 32 to 41 minutes. The objective of the section is to evaluate a candidate's proficiency in reading and comprehending written material. The reading section is divided into five sections, each of which lasts between 32 and 41 minutes. 

 PTE Speaking & Writing Pattern

A candidate's proficiency in speaking English will be evaluated in the speaking component of the PTE exam format. Providing an introduction, reading aloud from the academic literature, and other tasks will be required of one. The writing will be used to evaluate a candidate's capacity to respond to either an essay about a certain topic or an academic test. The essay writing portion of the test will have a set time limit of 20 minutes. The portion lasts from 77 to 93 minutes in total. For further information, you can also look at the PTE Exam Syllabus or contact us.


PTE Scores 

The USP of the test is that PTE results are released within 5 business days of the test. PTE scores are deemed to be the most rapid of all English language examinations performed globally. The PTE scores range from 10 to 90 for each of the four modules. Additionally, you have a choice as to which institutions you wish to transmit your test results to.

The ways to check test center seating availability and PTE exam dates are listed below:

  • Visit Pearson's official website and select the "Seat Availability" option.
  • You will be taken to a page where you must select the exam you want to schedule after being redirected. Then select "Next" after checking the box next to the text.
  • You will now see a page with numerous boxes on it. You must decide how many centers you want to visit.
  • You can enter your address to get the test facility that is the closest to where you are. Otherwise, simply enter the city and area code and select "Search."
  • You can choose any four exam centers from the assortment that will appear.
  • You can choose the test center, then the PTE exam day, after which the appointment times will be displayed.

Book PTE Date 

Students can register for the PTE exam by going to the official website of Pearson. You will receive an email with exam information, including the test date and test center, five days after completing your PTE registration. The availability of the test center determines the PTE exam dates.

Change PTE Test Date

The number of times a candidate may take the PTE Exam is not capped by Pearson. The exam can be taken after a 5-day break for candidates. Therefore, students can arrange another PTE exam date and take the PTE Academic exam as many times as they'd like.



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