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Why Study in Germany

For international students, Germany is the newest and most attractive study abroad country. Given the fact that a big number of students from throughout the globe apply to study in various German colleges and universities, the country offers a number of visa alternatives to those with varied academic and non-academic objectives.

Depending on the type of academic reason a person wishes to visit the country, there are numerous types of student visas accessible for foreign nationals. A person might, for instance, be waiting on a response to their application to study in Germany at a German university or may have just gotten an acceptance letter from a German university. Before starting their studies at a university, a person might desire to go there to enroll in a foundation course, or they might need to do so in order to pass the qualifying assessment test. Additionally, a person might choose to travel to Germany to finish a PhD degree program or to conduct research there.

Education System in Germany

German studies after 12th grade:

Bachelor's degrees are the ideal route to take for international students who want to begin their study in Germany journey early. After they graduate from high school, a lot of students from all over the world look forward to studying in Germany. Whatever their educational experience, students can enroll in scientific, business, and art programs. Although a lot of the English-taught courses in Germany are for the Masters, this has been quickly changing in recent years.

Masters in Germany

Most international students who want to pursue their master's degree do so in Germany. International students can choose from a wide variety of master's specializations in Germany. A bachelor's degree or its equivalent is one of the primary prerequisites for admission to master's programs at German universities. 

Make sure you are eligible to study in Germany

(Eligibility Criteria)

For Bachleors  Programme 

  • The application process for undergraduate programs at German universities is very competitive.
  • In the 10+2, merit is determined by scores, and it can reach 90%.
  • In order to be able to enroll in a UG program in Germany, some students are required to finish the first year of their UG degrees in India or to take the IIT JEE or Fa test.
  • IELTS or TOEFL-based proof of basic English language proficiency is also necessary. You should examine all the prerequisites before submitting your final application because each college or university has a set minimum score that must be met.

For Masters Programme 

  • The fundamental prerequisites for submitting an application for a master's degree are the same.
  • As stated above, it is necessary to be fluent in English and/or German. The typical prerequisites for the IELTS and TOEFL are greater than or equivalent to 6.0 and 100, respectively.
  • You must have a bachelor's degree with a minimum GPA of 70–75% to be eligible for the PG program. More than 300 would be needed on the GRE if you were obliged to take it for admission.

Step by Step Process to Apply for Germany Student Visa


Document Required
to lodge your visa

The most typical paperwork needed to apply for a German visa is:

  • Application for a visa, two, properly completed
  • A recent portrait photo and a portrait photo
  • a current passport
  • Admission letter for the university
  • original transcripts of previous degrees
  • Sources of support
  • Proof of health insurance for the student for the duration of their stay in the country
  • Evidence of payment of the visa fee
  • Language proficiency in German evidence

Employment Opportunities

There are various limitations on the simultaneous employment of non-EU/EEA students in Germany. In Germany, you are allowed to work and study for 120 full days and 240 half days each year. Prior to starting work, you must register with the appropriate authorities. The help at German universities and other on-campus work are not included in these restrictions. You cannot work for yourself or run your own business.

Courses Offered


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