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Why Study in UK

Some of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world are found in the UK. International students are attracted in large numbers each year by the UK university rankings. British universities have already established a solid international image thanks to their constant success in the top university rankings, including the Times Higher Education Rankings and the QS World Rankings. The rigorous research orientation of English universities is well-known around the world. The Universities of Cambridge, Oxford, UCL (University College London), and Imperial College London are only a handful of the best universities in the UK.

Education System in UK

University - Undergraduate Students 

British bachelor's degrees typically take three years to complete and are typically conferred at the honors level. Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Engineering (BEng), and Bachelor of Science (BSc) are examples of first degrees (Bachelor of Science).

A few 2-year occupational certificates are offered by state colleges that exempt students from the first and, in some cases, second years of a degree program. A one-year diploma program that is equivalent to the first year of university is offered by several private tutorial colleges. Some universities grant second-year admission to students who complete one-year diplomas.

University- Postgraduate Study 

The UK educational system offers very rigorous postgraduate programs. Because of this, courses here are typically substantially shorter than they are elsewhere. A master's degree, such as an MA in the arts or an MEng in engineering, normally requires 12 months to accomplish. A prestigious master's degree program that might last two years is the MBA (Master of Business Administration). The majority of applicants will be high achievers with at least two years of managerial experience. In the UK, it might take two to seven years to complete a PhD research degree.

Make sure you are eligible to study in UK

(Eligibility Criteria)

For Bachleors Degree

  • In the UK, 13 years of compulsory education are required before obtaining a Bachelor's or undergraduate degree, which is the first item that sticks out. Nepal  is one of many nations in the world that has a 12-year educational system.
  • For students to get admitted to undergraduate programs in the UK, they must either complete a 1-year foundation course or have extremely high secondary school test scores.
  • Students must pass the Advanced Level Examination if a foundation course is not required. You must have a strong command of the English language both orally and in writing in order to pass this test.
  • Students who meet the requirements can apply to study in the UK through UCAS (Universities and College Admission Service). The organization UCAS is in charge of admitting foreign students to the UK.
  • The form is available online or at the local British Council.

UK Postgraduate Study Requirements

  • For Masters in the UK, students must have finished a 3-year program that is equivalent to a degree program in the country; some programs, including B.E. and B.Tech, offer a four-year programme. These are compared to honors degrees in the UK.
  • Applications for postgraduate programs must be submitted online through the institution you have chosen to apply to. On the official university website, applications must be completed and submitted with proven transcripts and IDs.
  • The GRE test is not required by UK universities. GMAT is approved for management and MBA programmes. IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE may also be required depending on the courses and universities.

Step by Step Process to Apply for UK Student Visa

You must provide evidence of your English language proficiency with your application for a British visa. You must successfully complete a secured English language test, or SELT. If you are enrolled in a degree program or higher, you must possess language ability at the CEFR B2 level. If you already hold a degree that is comparable to a degree from the UK, this is not necessary.

Document Required
to lodge your visa

These are the typical supporting documents that you will need to provide when applying to UK universities. However, as universities and courses evolve, so will the requirements.

  • Valid Passport
  • Photographs for passports
  • Essay for Application or SOP
  • Resume or a CV
  • Academic diplomas, grade reports, degrees, and transcripts
  • Proof of Language Proficiency ( IEALTS, TOEFL) 
  • Evidence of Application Fees Paid

Scholarships in UK

UK Armed Forces Bursary

Each full-time year of the undergraduate program will get a $1,000 fee remission for applicants in the Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 terms. Available to all students who apply for the Bursary and who are active-duty or retired members of the UK armed forces, as well as to their wives or dependents.
The student must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 for the preceding academic year, be in good standing, and contribute favorably to university life in order for the fee waiver to continue after the first year. If a student does not maintain continuous full-time enrollment for a particular academic year, the fee waiver for that academic year is revoked. Normally, the UK Armed Forces Bursary may not be used in conjunction with any other type of financial aid or scholarship from the University.

Great Scholarship

All Indian students wishing to pursue higher education in the UK this year have a GREAT chance!

The University of Glasgow is dedicated to assisting Indian students with academic talent and honoring academic performance. This year, the University is partnering with the British Council to provide £20,000 in scholarships for the following programs:

MSc Economic Development
Medical Science in Sport and Exercise
Media Management MSc
degree in tourism, heritage, and development
Engineering Mechanical Science
Master's in Computer Science
Master of Science in Biotechnology
Utilize this rare chance wisely, and make your time studying in the UK a wonderful one!

University Of Glasgow

Employment Opportunities

One of the key contributions of the UK academic system is giving students the option to work while they study. While giving you the chance to raise the money you so need to support your academic work, it also gives you valuable work experience that will help you later in life when it comes to finding a job.

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