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Why Study in Canada

Canada is undoubtedly a proud nation. Every year, there are a huge number of overseas students. Yes, it is a center for international talent. pursuing the highest education possible and obtaining admission to the best universities in the world. You will have a wide range of alternatives, including huge or small universities as well as universities in cities or small towns. The top 30 universities in the world include 30 Canadian institutions. which three of them are included in the top 100 lists worldwide.
In addition to its non-discriminatory society, it boasts lovely land with urban development.
Canada is among the safest places to visit, study, and settle down long-term. According to research, 95% of international visitors favor or suggest Canada as a location for study-abroad programs.

Education System in Canada

Bachelor's degree programs in Canada

Many foreign students decide early in their academic careers to study in Canada. or as 10+2 in many countries, after education. For foreign students coming to Canada, the undergraduate programs offer a wide range of alternatives. The majority of bachelor's degree programs in Canada last four years, making it simpler for students to pursue master's degrees in other nations or even here in Canada as the master's requirement in many nations, including Canada, is 12+4.

Masters in Canada

The United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada are the top three countries for English-speaking students seeking an education abroad. But it's not really about English in Canada. It is one of the best places in the world to study bilingually because the Quebec region allows for French-language instruction. Some of the most prestigious universities in the world are found in Canada. Some of the top cities in the world for Masters programs are Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal.

Make sure you are eligible to study in Canada

(Eligibility Criteria)

Many international students appear to be unsure on how to pursue their education in Canada; don't worry, we'll put your questions to rest right here. Every university in Canada will have a few basic prerequisites for the admissions process, regardless of whether you apply for an undergraduate, graduate, or diploma program. Here is the response to your inquiry on what is necessary to study in Canada.

  • Your grade reports and all of your previous academic transcripts must be submitted.
  • You may be required to demonstrate your language skills, depending on the course and the university. To demonstrate English language competency, typically IELTS or TOEFL test results are submitted.
  • (2) LOR (letters of Recommendation)
  • The particular field may call for some executive and honors courses.
  • a comprehensive CV that lists all of your academic successes, professional skills, and other relevant experience.
  • The majority of universities also need you to submit a SOP (Statement of Purpose), in which you explain why you want to enroll in that particular program and university and how doing so will further your professional objectives.

Step by Step Process to Apply for Canada Student Visa

Provide your Fingerprints and Photos (Biometrics): Online applicants for Canada study visas will receive information about the biometrics process in a message box in their account on the website.
The procedure of when and how will be communicated to the e-mail ID of the applicants who submitted their applications via email.

Application processing: The Canada student visa application process moves much more quickly if you are eligible for the Student Direct Stream (SDS). The application will go through a slower processing route if you are not eligible for the SDS program.

The immigration department examines the application to see whether or not you have the required documentation. The application will be returned unprocessed if a required document is missing.

Document Required
to lodge your visa

  1. Acceptance letter
  2.  A current passport 
  3. A pair of current passport-size photos    
  4.  Documentation that you have completed:       
  5.  High Schools with Canadian Curriculum   
  6.  Have an IELTS score of at least 6.5 
  7. These are the financial records needed for a student visa to Canada.
  • A GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) from the Canadian Financial Institute.
  • The most recent four-month bank statement
  • a draft convertible into Canadian dollars
  • Evidence of paid tuition and housing fees

Scholarships in Canada

United World College Scholarships

Awarded to highly accomplished overseas students coming straight from a United World College into a bachelor's degree program at the University of Victoria. The only people who can apply for these scholarships are citizens and permanent residents of Canada. Academic performance (a minimum of 32 International Baccalaureate points), community service, school involvement, and leadership are taken into consideration when choosing scholarship recipients. The applicant's financial situation will also be taken into account. The Council of International Schools Scholarships are not available to students who have been chosen to earn United World College Scholarships.

Four $90,000 scholarships are available, each at $22,500 per year for four years.
A first-degree completion requirement or a three-year renewable term

University Name: University of Victoria

Council of International Schools scholarships

Awarded to highly accomplished overseas students who are attending the University of Victoria's undergraduate program straight from a school that belongs to the Council of International Schools. These scholarships are not available to Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Academic excellence (or a minimum of 32 IB points for institutions providing the curriculum), community service, involvement in school activities, and leadership are taken into consideration when choosing scholarship recipients. Furthermore, the applicant's financial situation will be taken into account. Scholarships from the United World College are not available to students who have been chosen to earn Council of International Schools scholarships.

Two $90,000 scholarships, each awarded over four years at a rate of $22,500 each
Renewable for up to three years or until first-degree completion

Canadian government scholarships

  • Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships - Scholarships and fellowships provided by the Canadian government to international students pursuing postgraduate study in the social, natural, or health sciences.
  • Canada Graduate Scholarships - Scholarships for Canadians enrolling in a master's or PhD program at a Canadian university (CGS-M allocated).
  • NSERC Scholarships for graduate study - The NSERC provides funding for it. Outstanding students pursuing studies in engineering or the natural sciences at one of Canada's approved universities are eligible for a number of scholarships, grants, and awards from the Canadian government.
  • For international students from poor nations who wish to pursue a Masters or Doctoral degree in research at an accredited Canadian university, the IDRC Research Awards are a form of government funding from Canada.
  • The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships Program offers scholarships to PhD candidates from throughout the world who want to attend a Canadian university.
  • Graduate students from any OAS member state, including some particular countries in the Caribbean islands and Latin America, are eligible to apply for the Organization of American States (OAS) Academic Scholarship Program—Government of Canada grant scholarships from the Organization of American States (OAS).

Non-governmental scholarships to study in Canada

  • Canada Memorial Scholarship - Full scholarships are available for postgraduate students from the United Kingdom to study at any authorized Canadian institution of higher learning, including airfare, fees, housing, and more.
  • Scholarships from the Anne Vallee Ecological Fund are available to international students conducting PhD animal research at a Canadian institution of higher learning in Québec or British Columbia.
  • Trudeau Scholarships and Fellowships - The Trudeau Foundation provides numerous scholarships, mentorships, and fellowships to international PhD candidates studying in Canada at particular universities. Each student will get up to $60,000 each year for a maximum of three years.
  • You must submit an application for the Surfshark Privacy and Security Scholarship, which includes an essay. A high school, undergraduate, or graduate student who is presently enrolled in Canada or another study destination is eligible to win a $2,000 reward.

Employment Opportunities

Work outside of campus:

Working off campus entails that you are enrolled in classes but are only allowed to work in places other than the school. You must also have a current work permit, permission from the institute, and the study in Canada visa in order to be eligible for employment in this situation.

Work on campus:

You cannot work while you are a student on campus. You are legally permitted to study in Canada. And you're connected to one of Canada's public post-secondary institutions or universities. Or perhaps a private institution that receives at least 50% of its funding from government subsidies. The institution either retains your services or pairs you up with your professor. Or perhaps you're helping out around the school or facility.

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