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Why Study in USA

It is a known fact that the United States of America is likely the top choice for international students looking for study abroad opportunities. The popularity of the nation and the rush of students to study there are so great that for Nepalese students, "going abroad" has come to mean traveling to the United States to study. Millions of college students around the world dream of living there. Their desire of finding employment after graduation has come true.

The American student experience is wonderful. There is a very high-quality life that is beyond academics, regardless of whether a person is engaged in a graduate program, an ms in us, or any other post-graduate degree program. American universities are very diverse in terms of culture, and there are many interesting sites to visit in this country. Additionally, the professors are friendly and helpful.

Education System in USA

You must be aware of how the educational system functions if you intend to study in the USA. In the United States of America, there is no standardized educational system. The United States has no official national educational system. 

There are three types of institutions in the USA for graduation and post-graduation: Universities in the USA, Community Colleges in the USA, and Liberal Arts Colleges in the USA. Below, all 3 institution kinds are thoroughly covered:

Universities in USA

1. There are public and private universities in the United States. Public universities in the USA are far more economical than private universities because they are supported by state governments throughout the country. While private universities are independent of the government and are financed by student fees.

Most universities have programs leading to graduate, postgraduate, and doctorate degrees. In comparison to colleges, universities are bigger and provide more options.

American Community Colleges

These are certificate or occupational programs for students. Universities are bigger than community colleges. This community college's two-year programs represent the majority of what it offers. For students looking to advance their education, community institutions can serve as a springboard.

American liberal arts college:

In the USA, these are primarily undergraduate degree programs for students of liberal arts and sciences. Typically, these programs last four years. By virtue of the funding source, liberal arts colleges might be either public or private.

Make sure you are eligible to study in USA

(Eligibility Criteria)

A current passport

To continue your studies in the USA, you will require a passport that is up to date. International applicants to American universities are required to include their passport number in their application. The institution cannot issue the necessary documents for a student visa to the United States without a passport.

Academic qualifications

Verified copies of the class X, XII, and bachelor's degree transcripts (if applying for post-graduation course).
You should have earned strong grades in past academic work, a high school diploma, or an undergraduate degree that meets the minimal Grade Point Average (GPA) requirement for admission to the college of your choice.

Language proficiency in English

Universities in the USA are taught in English. The ability to read, write, listen, and talk in English must be demonstrated by international students who are from non-English speaking nations. Before admitting a student, the majority of American universities require IELTS or TOEFL scores.

Entrance examination

Specialized courses require entrance examinations such as the GRE, GMAT, SAT, etc. The test that has to be taken depends on the individual's course preferences and universities. GMAT is a specialized test that management students who wish to apply to MBA programs in management must take in contrast to the GRE, which is taken for general admissions. Undergraduate scores are requested for the SAT.

Step by Step Process to Apply for USA Student Visa

  • When a university or college accepts you, they will send you the I-20 form, which you must complete in order to submit an application for a student visa.
  • The following step is to submit an online DS-160 form to obtain a USA visa.
  • Fill out the form completely, then print the confirmation page to bring to the visa interview.
  • Fees for Visa must be paid.
  • Make an appointment for the biometrics (which includes a photo and a fingerprint scan) and the interview.
  • Conduct the interview. It will ask you questions about your college preference, course selection, and plans to return to your native nation. If the interview goes well, the passport will be taken so the visa can be stamped.

Document Required
to lodge your visa

  • a current passport
  • Application Form for Non-Immigrant US Visa F1 Student (DS 160)
  • The receipt for paying the application fee
  • a statement proving one's eligibility for non-immigrant status as a student (I 20 for student visa)
  • Academic records (transcripts and diplomas/certificates)
  • GRE, TOEFL, GMAT, IELTS, and other test results.
  • evidence that you intend to leave the country after the course is over.
  • tax returns from the previous three years
  • 3 years' worth of bank statements or a proof of parent or guardian's fixed deposit is required.
  • Paystubs, employment letters, and, if required, certifications from a CA

Employment Opportunities

The first year of study is typically a time when students cannot work. The work permit linked with a USA student visa typically allows for 40 hours per week during breaks and holidays and 20 hours per week throughout the school year. Regulations for various US student visas vary.

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