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Welcome To VISTA International !

Welcome To VISTA International !

Dear Aspirant Visitors !

VISTA has pleasure in introducing itself as an academic centre founded with a goal to offer hallmark educational assistance and direction to the aspirant candidates by our team of educationists who command a decade-long experience in catering to the needs of international students, and offering professional advice. 

VISTA is assured that nurturing the youths with the right service, skills, qualifications, and necessary confidence can both ensure and boost the productivity of the nation where all its young citizens wish not only to keep up with the times but stand ahead of them. As such, VISTA offers to you the programmes like Abroad-Study Counseling Services, Immigration Services, Language Learning Service and Computer Education among the numerous other courses it has always prided in.

Our hard-earned repute for excellence, integrity, and individual attention to the needs of every student also earns us a remarkable grooming-space where students make rapid progress. Consequently, the students not only meet their expectations but reach beyond to realize their sheer potential to meet the need of the time, and move along.

Evidently, what you choose to study determines and shapes your future. As such, for the international students desiring to enroll into the colleges and universities abroad, a sound knowledge and understanding of educational opportunities is deemed vital. It is for this reason, therefore, many students seem to require some kind of personal guidance in finding a suitable course, school, college or university. And it is at this moment of predicament that Vista Int’l Education advances to help you make the right choice. The ConsultancyService at Vista offers a guaranteed selection of the course and the college, authenticated admission, and bridges the gulf of the educational standard between Nepal and abroad.

Since an Educational Consultancy, Vista Int’l Education provides the students and their parents with the highest level of personal and professional guidance. We have a reputation for excellence and integrity in our addressing of the students’ needs and in our involuntary care and judicious advice.

At Vista, we also welcome students vying for their admittance into the colleges and universities abroad for a brief span of time to experience our enriching, insightful preparation classes on the international tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GRE, and GMAT. Further, various professional and corporate language classes at VISTA equip you with the desired knowledge and skill in your target languages.

We have young people's future at heart; we are committed to helping them develop their full potential.

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