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Study Abroad Programme at VISTA

Study Abroad Programme at VISTA

The international tendency, on the part of students, to pursue further education away from one’s native land and at the best location available has grown into a popular phenomenon due to the impact globalisation has had on education. Earning a foreign degree and working together with diverse nationalities with disparate minds but the same yearnings for success has always remained an alluring dream to the youth everywhere today. And in order that this dream could be made possible, VISTA has envisioned the Abroad Study programme in a new way. AT VISTA, we guarantee assistance in a judicious election of academic courses and colleges /universities that are compatible with your individual talent and academic calibre. Besides, as the demand and the interest of a student differ from one to another, we have made academic partnerships with a host of colleges/universities in different countries in order to address this inherent diversity among students and their pursuit.

Who can be supported at VISTA to pursue higher education abroad?

  • 10+2 Graduates, O & A level graduates and Intermediates.
  • Recent Bachelor’s/ Master’s degree holders wishing to conduct advanced research work.
  • Bachelor’s/ Master’s degree holders with some years’ relevant professional work experience wishing to carry out advanced research.
  • Students currently studying at a Bachelor’s/ Master’s level and seeking credit transfers.

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Success stories 2022

  • Suman Timalsina
    Suman Timalsina
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    Monica Thapa
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    Shailesh Yadav
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    Gayatri Bhandari
  • Kabita Subedi
    Kabita Subedi
  • Ganesh Tiwari
    Ganesh Tiwari
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