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German Language

German Language

The VISTA Language Department places an ample emphasis on the German language course as it is one of the popular languages in the world. Here, students with different requirements and with various socio-cultural backgrounds can learn German through student-oriented training sessions aided with an audio-visual system. Moreover, the interactions with the native Germans, lectures and other similar activities supply the learners with most necessary tools to acquire a practical knowledge of the German language, culture and literature.

Germany for Academic Purpose: The German Academic Course at the VISTA Language Department is designed to help students improve their basic skills of language: reading, writing, speaking and listening with a view to helping these learners pursue their higher studies and earn degrees in German-medium academic institutions. The objective of this course is to impart language to the students that helps them with their accuracy in grammar and pronunciation along with the enrichment of the German vocabulary. Furthermore, the atmosphere we create in the class makes it possible for the students to learn some colloquial forms of German to improve their conversation in the very language.

Basic German Course: This course aims at developing basic conversational skills in German. The course equally focuses on all the skills of the language, i.e. reading, speaking, listening and writing. Besides, it caters to the needs of the tourist guides, businesspeople and those who wish to improve their German language for various purposes. 

Assessment Criteria of the German Language Training at VISTA 

  • Written exams - 50%
  • Classroom activities and presentation - 20%
  • Assignment and project works - 20%
  • Attendance - 10%

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