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What is TOEFL?

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is the English Language proficiency pathway for those students who are eager for seeking the international Educational Degrees in their desired fields and desired TOEFL recognized or licensed countries. As we all know that the popularity of TOEFL is growing among the student for UNITED STATES and CANADA visa immigration it is because TOEFL test is mostly preferred by the universities of USA and CANADA for post-graduation and graduation or for Academic Task. More than the 110 countries and 6000 universities are TOEFL licensed. TOEFL Test and preparation cover all skills of English Proficiency they are Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening. Nowadays, the test is offered in two formats and they are;

1.    Internet-Based Test (iBT TOEFL)

TOEFL IBT Test is taken in English and administered through the internet. Therefore, it is an internet-based test that includes four sections (Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening) which last for four hours to complete the test. The total test score is 120. The questions format of the test is tabled below;

2.    Paper-Based Test (PBT TOEFL)

It is a paper-based test which score are the same as iBT TOEFL and also it help to demonstrate the eligibility of applicants or candidates English skill for immigration visas and study abroad process. The TOEFL paper-based test (PBT) also measures the same sections of English languages as of iBT TOEFL they are 





* 3-4 Passages (standard length of 3 Passages)

* 10  questions per passages

* 54-72 minutes Average of 1 min 48 See per question.


* 3-4 lectures 6 questions each ( standard length of 3 lectures)

* 2-3 Conversations 5 questions each ( standard length of 3 conversations)

* 41-57 minutes Average of 1 min 28 sec per question


* 4 tasks

* 1 TOEFL independent speaking task

* 3 TOEFL integrated speaking tasks

* 17 minutes


* 2 tasks

* 50 minutes of response time


*3 hours


•    Coaching for Academic Training by an experienced teacher.

•    Daily and weekly assessment of every student in all section of TOEFL.

•    Synergetic teaching of Grammar and help with Vocabulary.

•    Mock Test on every week.

•    Tips and strategies for each section of TOEFL and each question type.

•    Individual attention to each student and doubt solving with section member.

•    Preparation classes before 1 week of any student’s TOEFL final exam.


Once the TOEFL exam test is given its TOEFL Score Sheet valid for 2 years. Cost of the test varies depending on countries. You can retake the test as many times as you wish to take, but you cannot take it more than once in a 12 days period.




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