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Nearly every college in America accepts the SAT Subject Tests as part of its admissions process. That's why more than two million students take the SAT every year.

Why is SAT Preparation Important ?
The phrase “practice makes perfect” holds a great amount of truth for the SAT. You already know that practice improves your performance in sports, music, and academics. Practising for the SAT is equally important and ensures that you will perform your best on the test day. Standardized tests are a single component that all college applicants have in common, making a great SAT score essential to the admissions process. In fact, at many colleges, the SAT is a primary factor in determining not only your acceptance but also what scholarships you may be eligible to receive. For better or worse, your SAT score will have a tremendous impact on your future.

The New Sat has the following format:


Critical Reading/Verbal Section 
Sentence Completion…..19 questions 
Passage based Reading ….48 questions 
70 minutes (two 25-minute test sections and one 20-minute test section)

Identifying Sentence Errors …. 18 questions 
Improving Sentences ……...…… 25 questions 
Improving Paragraphs ………...… 6 questions

Essay Writing – 1 essay – 25 minutes 
60 minutes (two 25-minute test sections and one 10-minute test section)

Multiple-Choice ……………... 44 questions 
Student-produced response ….. 10 questions 
70 minutes (two 25-minute test sections and one 20-minute test section)

Why Choose VISTA?
Our test professionals have designed courses to provide you with maximum exposure to New SAT concepts, access to the best possible instructors and classroom material, and the best support system to complement your studies. We know how dry and tedious standardized test preparation can be, so we, at VISTA, have developed a unique program that will entertain, inspire, and ultimately help you master the SAT.

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