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Corporate Clients

VISTA collaborates closely with numerous corporate clients to deliver to the latter tailored courses, hence achieving the best possible results in a very short spell of time.

Our personalised approach despite the time constraints enables us to help our expectant clients build their communication skills in either general or business English, and with formal business writing, listening to news bulletins, reading business press or/ and professional journals. In addition, we instill confidence in our corporate clients to use their newly-developed skills in an academic as well as a business-English environment.

Furthermore, VISTA is committed to imparting some linguistic sensitivity to students through highly interactive lessons so that the students are motivated, and are keen to practise their networking, negotiation and communication skills.

As for the tutors at VISTA, the company boasts of well-read, highly-educated professionals with years of experience in having taught students from diverse cultural backgrounds. Apart from exhibiting a unique personal approach, the tutors here also seem intent on bringing about a global academic awareness and seizing an opportunity to hold stimulating discussions in English. Evidently then, the level of teaching is adapted to the individual needs of each student so that their confidence is built up gradually with a simultaneous, rapid progress.

We shall be delighted and privileged to cooperate with you.

Get the language right, and the business will follow !

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