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Japan Education

Japan Education
The VISTA Study Abroad Department provides professional support to those who plan to study in Japan. Here, we pride in our ability to instill in our student's confidence, and the right knowledge and skills necessary for capable human resources that, in turn, will have sure pay-offs not only for themselves but for their nation.
A few years back, Japan was renowned mostly for its technological inventions but, today, Japan is also known for its international appeal in the educational scenario. Japan, being a dynamic country with its rich history and cultural significance, offers a variety of benefits to promote international exchange.
Japan is one of the world’s most exciting countries and has created a good reputation in the world of education and now it is regarded as the most ideal country for higher education. It has the third largest budget in the world in research and development and is an education-friendly country that provides education in every possible manner without discrimination of caste and creeds. Japan’s high educational standards attract some students, while for others the attraction is Japans’ rich cultural heritage. Globally, more than 5 million students study abroad annually. In the age of globalization, it has become a trend for exploring the world. .The nation has over 700 universities with 10 universities ranked in the top 200 universities of the world. Japan is a very safe nation, with a disciplined citizen who are a good example for many people in the world. 
Studying in Japan also gives the student an opportunity to explore the heritage and culture of the nation along with the opportunity to learn traditional martial arts, get an education at an affordable price and also an opportunity for the generous scholarship. Compared with other popular study-abroad destinations, Japan is very cheap, the cost of living is also lower in Japan and with the opportunity of being awarded scholarships, studying in Japan may bring the best value. Students might think learning the Japanese language is hard, but actually, it is not as hard as one would think. Most students become fluent in the Japanese language within a year and learning a new language also gives an advantage while making curriculum vitae (CV).  An extra benefit for students wishing to study in Japan is that after graduation, many job opportunities await in the nation, and having the third largest economy in the world, Japan brings many benefits.
Japanese language classes
 We conduct Japanese classes at our Student’s place by deputing Native Japanese Teachers and accommodate a     maximum of 15 students per batch so that best individual attention can be given.
Why study in Japan?
•    World-class education System.
•    Low-cost studying & living.
•    Experience the Japanese culture, food, and the four seasons.
•    flourishing Japanese economy.
•    Safe and clean environment.
•    Employment opportunities.
•    28 Hours of part-time work allowed
•    Generous Scholarships Schemes
•    Education Gap up to 5 years can apply
•    Pay tuition fee after COE

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