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The VISTA Study Abroad Department provides professional support to those students who are planning to study in Italy. Making the right choice and giving a range of options to the students is what VISTA education is committed to starting your future in Historical higher education hub & highly developed industrial Region.

Italian culture is deeply rooted in ancient civilizations which flourished on the peninsula for over a millennium and left their imprint all over the country in arts, legal system, and traditions. Thanks to its traditions and innovations, Italy became the cradle of visual arts, music, poetry, literature and played and continues to play an influential role in Europe’s culture and society as a whole.
The 20 Nobel Prize laureates since 1906 prove the world recognition of the achievements of Italian scientists, physicians, chemists, literature men and economists who excelled in different spheres, including medicine, chemistry, literature, and economics.
Italian hospitality, lifestyle and the high quality of education have made Italy a great place for living and studying.

Why study in Italy? 
Education in Italy is highly esteemed with a wide range of excellent academic institutions throughout Italy welcoming students to study almost any subject imaginable. Italy has played an important academic role as one of the catalysts in reforming Europe's higher education. Students in Italy gain valuable knowledge not only within the classroom but also through everyday life in this dynamic, incredible place. 
At present, the university sector is made up of 89 university institutions which are classified in:
  •  58 State universities
  •  17 non-State universities (legally recognized by the State)
  •  2 universities for foreigners
  •  6 higher schools specialized in postgraduate university studies
  • 6 telematic universities.

  •    Italy has many oldest continually operating universities in the world. The University of   Bologna is believed to establish in 1008.
  •    Italy has 17 universities ranked among world top 500 in the latest ranking list compiled by Webometrics.
  •    Polytechnic Di Milano is one of the world’s finest technical universities and ranked 31 for Engineering & Technology in the ranking list compiled by QS.       
  • Every year 40000 international students head for Italy to enjoy one of the most unique experiences international graduate education has to offer.
  •   Italy has a high public education standard, surpassing that of other comparable developed countries, such as the UK and Germany.
Employment & Job Market

  •  Italy ranks among the 8 most industrialized countries in the world.
  •  Italy possesses the 8th largest economy in the world and 4th largest in Europe in terms of nominal GDP.  Home to thousands of industries specialized in manufacturing Ships, Aircraft, defense systems, commercial vehicles, race cars, machines, electrical goods, instruments, energy equipment, hybrid materials, printing, textiles, etc.   Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, and Lamborghini are some of the most famous Italian car manufacturers in the world.

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